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Government-managed and -controlled healthcare is not the answer to our spiraling out-of-control medical costs. But if this is not the answer, what is? In this video, New American magazine Senior Editor William F. Jasper points to the free-market-oriented Surgery Center of Oklahoma, which is demonstrating that the key to lowering prices and keeping quality high is to apply free-market principles.

Video Tour of Dr. Keith's Facilities

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Joe Wolverton, a writer for The New American, is at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City, covering the Arms Trade Treaty that has been worked on this week by various parties.


New American senior editor William F. Jasper explains how government creates monopolies for the politically favored and outlaws competition through so-called "Certificate of Need" laws.

Dr. Keith Smith Discusses Certificate of Need Law


Kirsten Lombard of the Wisconsin 9/12 Project briefly describes "Farmland Preservation Agreements" and "Conservation Easements," programs that the State of Wisconsin offers to property owners.

She talks about the dangers and the attached strings of these programs which ultimately work against not only property owners, but also taxpayers.

*The views expressed by the interviewee(s) in this video do not necessarily reflect the views of The New American or any of its affiliates.*


Dr. Duke Pesta describes what's wrong with the federalized, one-size-fits-all Common Core standards for American education. Dr. Pesta is academic director of FreedomProject Education and a contributor to The New American.

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